Based on Debian 10 "Buster" environment.


Install MariaDB (forked from MySQL). Since MariaDB still has compatibility with MySQL, the related utilities are still named MySQL.

If you need to install PostgreSQL, the process is almost the same as MariaDB. Just install PostgreSQL and related interfaces.


Just need to install. No configuration required.

# apt install mariadb-server

There are many articles with the command “mysql_secure_installation” after installation. It enhances the security configuring the following according to the MariaDB document.

  • Setting the root password
  • Removing anonymous users
  • Limit the root access from localhost only
  • Drop the “test” database

Looking at the installation process and configuration result in Debian, it seems the points above are already done. I couldn’t understand why “mysql_secure_installation” is still needed. (I’m not so confident about it, maybe I just missed something.)

Interface for PHP / Ruby / Python

To use WordPress or Concrete5, they need the MySQL interface modules to connect MariaDB.

# apt install php-mysql python3-mysqldb

The interfaces may be available via each program package manager. For Ruby case, probably using gem instead of apt would be better if you plan to use bundler.

# apt install libmariadb-dev
# gem install mysql2